The new China after the economic reform and opening up has continued to make new achievements in social and economic development, and has set new world records in various fields. From the "Zhu Rong" on the Mars to the "Jiao Long" on the deepest trench. We can “clasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven and seize turtles deep down in the Five Seas”, “Made in China” has never stopped moving forward, because our destination is the starry sea and our goal is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

In the 21st century, China has the world's most comprehensive range of processing disciplines and has the world's largest abrasives processing and consumption market. YAKEXI is fortunate to be in this great country and great era, and is deeply involved in the abrasives industry here, committed to creating high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency and safe abrasive wheels, and constantly providing consumers with more cost-effective products; at the same time, we will continue to carry out green abrasive experiments, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth

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Established:1990, started in Yongkang NANHU abrasives Factory
Growth:1999, restructured and established Zhejiang YAKEXI Abrasives Co., LTD

The story of YAKEXI is one of ambition and sheer hard work. From a humble workshop in Nanhu Village in 1990, relying on the manual labour of the father's generation, it has become the largest manufacturer of resin abrasive wheels in China, owning an automated factory with a production area of 26,000m². Today, YAKEXI has a daily output of 45,000 and annual sales of more than 150 million pieces of abrasive wheels, with more than 150 types of products and exports to 50 countries around the world, all these achievements are attributed to the professional management and excellent staff of our family

Today, in an age where metals are used in such huge quantities and in such a variety of ways, we must also ensure that we are always ready to offer our customers the products that are best suited to their markets, and we will be there to support them and help their business runs more smoothly, as we have always been over 10,000 days in the last 30 years

YAKEXI Abrasives is never satisfied with its current achievements, we are constantly upgrading and innovating our formulations, renovating our production equipment, improving our quality control and expanding our global market. We have constantly pushed the boundaries, seeking the breakthroughs and looking for the more efficient and sustainable development to ensure that we can continue to lead the industry and create a vibrant YAKEXI brand for 100 years

Yongkang, Zhejiang - Hardware Capital of China
200 km from Hangzhou
2.5 h
1.5 h
382 km from Shanghai Pudong Airport
4.5 h
275 km from Ningbo Port
( Build Yongkang into an advanced manufacturing base in China and the world --- Xi Jinping )

National Standard Drafting Committee
Zhejiang Standard Setting Committee
National High-tech Enterprise
Yongkang Middle / Large-Scale Enterprise


We offer customised services for specific industries and EN12413 products
We offer the same quality OEM products as our own brands


At present, the company's world business covers 50 countries, widely distributed in the fields of metal processing, energy, foundry, shipyard, hardware and rail

YAKEXI Automation Platform manufactures the following series of products:
1.A full range of general level abrasive cutting wheel, grinding wheel and flap discs
2.A full range of industrial level abrasive cutting & grinding wheels. Suitable for foundries, shipyards and large equipment manufacturing
3.Professional level products for customers who use high frequency machines or process high strength materials e.g. rail repairing and cutting

YAKEXI has close partnerships with many large-scale national enterprises, world-class industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. We help customers in a wide range of industries to work efficiently, comfortably and save money with our high performance and cost effective abrasive wheels. We welcome like-minded people from all provinces in China and around the world to build a highly profitable business platform and achieve a win-win situation together


Quality Leading

Customer Satisfy

Labour-Capital Harmony

The most reliable quality and the best performance in the industry, striving to create a century-old enterprise; Understanding customer needs, improving customer satisfaction and creating value for customers; We are also committed to creating an atmosphere of "labour harmony and mutual benefit", where only the active participation of enterprises and employees in building harmony can be transformed into the core competitiveness of the enterprise and constitute an efficient and sustainable professional team
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Customer First       Service Foremost

We provide free samples globally
We offer corresponding dealer training sessions
YAKEXI well-trained sales team and dealers will listen carefully to your needs and provide you with the most suitable product for your local market, machine, drive power, metal and other usage situations


ISO 9001