Rail Work

Operation method

Straight Cut-off

Industry overview

When cutting railways, the toughness and hardness of the rail is greatly enhanced by the addition of manganese and nickel alloy elements inside the rail, making it impossible to cut with ordinary abrasive disc.

At the same time, in some applications, the rail needs to be re-welded after cutting, so the cutting end must be straight and complete, with less burr, and maintain the metallic lustre of the material without burning it, which requires very fast cutting ability and strength of the cutting disc. Or, when cutting in confined environments such as underground tunnels, special fillers are required to prevent the odour from the cut being difficult to disperse. What’s more, the sheer volume of work involved in cutting railways places new demands on the smoothness of the cutting operation, reducing changeover times and increasing the working life of each cutting discs. Combined with the above requirements, a good rail cutting disc is still far from being an efficient cutter and we must work with your application scenario, cutting machine, cutting requirements and other factors to ensure the best working conditions for this cutting disc.

Furthermore, mistakes are almost intolerable when working on railway constructions. A bad cutting section can directly delay an entire railway project, which can result in a huge waste of money and time. This is another point we would like to emphasise. At YAKEXI, everything from the advanced production facilities to the strict quality control and strong R&D innovation is a solid foundation for the production of high performance railway cutting discs.

To achieve efficient cutting, Our recommendations

Choose a suitable rail cutting disc:

(1). Refer to your machine, is rail saw petrol power >5hp (K1270), rail saw petrol power <5hp (GX200), or an electric driven rail cutter

(2). Are you cutting rail for lift equipment (118 kg/m) heavy rail (38-74 kg/m) or light rail (<38 kg/m)

(3). Do you carry out metro rail cutting or open rail cutting

(4). Your requirements for cutting accuracy, e.g. welding after cutting, repairing and replacing old rails

Check your rail machine:

(1). Is the toothed belt tensioned?

(2). whether the machine is in optimum working condition, e.g. whether the air filter and carburetor have been adjusted and serviced

(3). Rail clamps are in right position and fastened

(4). Has been advised that the cutter can handle maximum size and speed

Right way to use rail cutting disc:

(1). Sufficient preheating of the machine(60 seconds at least)

(2). Use the oscillating cutting method to fully expel steel filings and heat

(On the rail not yet laid it is possible to cut from top to bottom by oscillating, whereas on the rail already laid the bottom-up cut might make the whole process easier due to the uneven distribution of stresses above and below, all concentrated in the lower part)

(3). Keep the disc within the maximum allowed speed and control the cutting force without exceeding the load to prevent the disc from overheating and softening or even jamming.

(4). Wearing the appropriate protective equipment


We have 356 and 405 cutting disc for railway cutting, and in each series we have two cutting products with different performance (difference may in cutting speed and service life) and price for our customers to choose, or it can be developed for specific customer requirements

With any model, we always meet the following requirements

(1). higher cutting speed for faster cutting and straighter cut ends

(2).. fast heat dissipation ability to ensure that the resin stays bonded and to prevent material burns

(3). safety, both for petrol saws and electric saws, to ensure the stability and safety of rotating wheels at high speeds, we test the rotational strength in accordance with national standards

(4). increased durability of abrasive discs while meeting the requirements for cutting speed

(5) specific toughness and strength of the abrasive discs to keep the cutting edge vertical

For more information about our rail cutting discs, please contact our  technical support

(Mr. Eric Domestic: +86 13905892327; International: Whatsapp +86 13905892327)

Cutting Rail Tracks

(Professional Level 356/405*4mm)

Grinding Rail Tracks

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