Operation method

Cutting and grinding as well as polishing of Risers, Sprues, Burrs and Sintered layer

Industry overview

For nearly five years, we have been systematically examining and analysing the grinding/cutting operations of typical foundries through communication with dealers and experts from China foundry associations, as well as field visits to grinding operators. Based on user feedback and the data collected, we have continued to improve the formulation of our industrial level foundry products. Our foundry products combine the features you need: adaptability to high-frequency machines, reduced grinding effort, extremely efficient stock removal performance, a long operation life, specificity, safety

* If you are a cutting/grinding operator, then you must be well aware that today, grinding operations are generally carried out on a piecework basis. How can you improve your efficiency when you are still using normal grinding discs that are available in the market

*If you are the leader of a grinding project or the head of a company, you will also be concerned that when the greater stock removal discs are used, the grinding rate increases, but the corresponding wear and tear on the grinding discs increases, and so does the cost of grinding

These two typical concerns are also the ones we have heard most often during our five years of research. Throughout the 5 years of development, our industrial level products have worked perfectly to help most foundries with these concerns

In the foundry industry, from grey cast iron to ductile cast iron; from low alloy steel to wear resistant cast steel and high manganese steel; or stainless steel, from home-made machines to brushless high frequency machines. The operating conditions are always so varied that we do not recommend that you buy "off-the-shelf" cutting and angle grinding discs. Instead, we advise you on grinding solutions, selecting or customising the most suitable abrasive tools for your material, machine, staff habits and requirements

Grinding Solutions

Cast steel:When you are working on cast steel, alloy steel and other workpieces with high frequency machines, WINONE Industrial level fast stock removal type grinding discs provide you with very aggressive stock removal results. Compared to general level 6mm products, the Industrial level offers almost 30% more longer working life while maintaining a similar level of stock removal ability to 6mm discs

Cast iron: Winone industrial level durable type grinding discs provide excellent grinding results when working on cast iron workpieces with high frequency machines. Thanks to its unique formulation, the abrasives show its exceptional self-sharpening properties when grinding hard materials such as cast iron and combines perfectly with the resin to reduce peeling during grinding, increasing the durability of the disc, improving work fluency and cost savings. The durable type disc is also suitable for high frequency grinders for grinding materials such as steel and stainless steel

Special (High Strength) materials:When you grind high strength cast iron, cast steel and duplex stainless steel, the performance of professional grinding discs is at least doubled. This is due to the high toughness of zirconium corundum using in professional level disc, which is 2-3 times tougher than normal corundum and is suitable for heavy duty grinding or difficult-to-process materials.

Cutting Solutions

WINONE industrial level 400mm 16”cutting discs are designed for foundry cutting and are suitable for high frequency cutting equipment and cast iron & steel. Thanks to the high toughness of the special corundom and the unique resin bonding system. When cutting tougher and stronger materials, the abrasive does not easily flake off due to heavy external loads and continues to cut the metal effectively. At the same time the product has a high degree of precision and low vibration for comfort

Grinding steel

Industry Level fast stock removal type 7mm

Grinding cast Iron

Industry Level durable type 7mm

Grinding cast Iron & steelInox

Professional Level 7mm

Cutting Steel & Inox

(Precision Casting & Foundry)