1 + 10 + 2 IUR New model

(IUR :Industry + University + Research institutes)(1)The company has a well-equipped independent R&D Lab + (10)ten experienced R&D staff + (2)a national comprehensive university materials institute and a national abrasives research institute

YAKEXI always regards R&D and technical staff training as the company’s development goals. From the successful development of ultra-fast cutting wheels to special rail cutting wheels, YAKEXI has always risen to the challenge and dared to be the first. Here, innovation is not only defined by the product, but also by how to create a more efficient management team, to update more advanced production equipment, to set a more humane system, to build the leaner production process and more perfect QC,those are always the direction of our pursuit and innovation
5 years Plan

In order to accelerate the research and development of high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, comfortable, sustainable and safe abrasive wheels, YAKEXI plans to set up a new R&D centre for " super-hard materials and advanced grinding&cutting technology for high-end weapons and equipment manufacturing" by 2025, with a planned investment of RMB 20 million. We plan to introduce 25 fixed R&D staff with bachelor degree or above, 1 doctor and 5 scholars with overseas study experience. YAKEXI is committed to building the largest and most well-equipped abrasives R&D centre in the industry in China