To all our loyal dealers and customers

Today, the metalworking industry as a whole is undergoing radical changes, with increasing use and variety, and a massive upgrade of the corresponding machining equipment. Single formula can no longer provide efficient grinding for all metalworking ends.

For over thirty years, our research and development has been driven by the need to make grinding more efficient, easier, smoother and safer for our customers. It has always been our goal to solve problems and create value for our customers and dealers. To achieve this, we listen carefully to the obstacles you encounter in your grinding process, understand your habits, your machine power, the metal you are working with, the operating process and combine this information with improvements in abrasives, resins, hardness, strength and production processes in order to offer you the most cost-effective high-performance abrasives discs.

Because only with a complete understanding of your work scenario can we select the right abrasive discs for you to achieve the best performance of your machine. On this page, you can select your industry and find out about the products we offer for each industry. Or contact one of our sales professionals,tell them about your usage scenario for more detailed advice

We are not the first to offer customised service, but we are certainly the most persistent. YAKEXI will be ready to provide you with the right product for your market, when you need it. We continue to innovate and strive for perfection, just as the slogan on the home page mentions the goal of "100 years of YAKEXI", we give our products a hundred years of vitality, and we expect to continue to provide support and value to our dealers and end customers after a hundred years

WINONE, Innovation for a better future