Steel Structure & Container

Operation method

Cutting、Bevelling、Weld seams grinding、Rust removal、Deburring

Industry overview

Structural and container construction steelwork includes steel building construction, harbour machinery manufacture, large lifting equipment construction; INOX vessel construction, container manufacturing, large steel tank construction and metalware manufacture. Most of the steel construction projects use high toughness and strength steel with a wide range of applications, such as: carbon structural steel (e.g. GB/T: 45, Q235, A3 ISO: Fe360), weathering steel, low alloy high strength steel (e.g. GB/T: Q345), spring steel, etc. A few petrochemical vessels are made of very high strength and toughness low alloy high strength steel (e.g GB/T: Q500). In steel construction, cutting and grinding discs often need to have very good self-sharpening (faster stock removal) to ensure work efficiency. But in addition to the speed, the operator also wants to reduce the number of disc changes, so the life of the grinding disc is also crucial. It is therefore essential to find the sweet spot of sharpness and durability. what’s more, the vast majority of operators use heavy-duty grinding to increase work rates, which in turn places new demands on the safety, comfort and stiffness of the grinding wheel

Cost also becomes a crucial factor for steel construction projects that require a large number of grinding and cutting discs. Using the right abrasive tools may give you considerable control over your costs and make you more profitable. Choosing the right abrasive tools may be difficult for you. But at YAKEXI, we can select the right abrasive tools for you by providing us with your grinding material, machine power and application scenario. This is why "one-size-fits-all" grinding discs are not suitable for this application. We also recommend that you choose a harder grinding tool and a softer grinding disc for steel construction work, which may make your job easier.


For Steel Structure & Container firms, WINONE can offer especially targeted cutting and grinding tools to increase staff comfort, grinding efficiency and work fluency.
WINONE Industrial level fast cutting type grinding disc offers excellent stock removal performance plus especially cost-effective working as a result of its long lifetime. Nearly 30% improvement in durability over general level sharpness type grinding disc. For some of the high strength metals (e.g GB/T Q500) we offer professional level grinding discs for efficient HS metals grinding. From industrial level grinding discs to professional level grinding discs, we are constantly upgrading our formulations to provide operators with more comfortable and safe grinding

Grinding steel

General Level fast stock removal type 6mm

Cutting steel

General Level fast cutting type 400mm

Grinding steel

Industrial Level fast stock removal type 6mm