Energy & Pipe

Operation method

Welding seam grinding, Cutting, Rust removal

Industry overview

YAKEXI specialises in the supply of special cutting discs, angular grinding discs and corresponding grinding and cutting solutions for municipal infrastructure construction, energy and chemical industry and large scale pipeline projects. The majority of large pipeline constructions use high alloy steel and stainless steel as materials to enhance the pressure and corrosion resistance of the pipeline. Choosing the right abrasive tool for high alloy steel and stainless steel, which are mechanically strong and difficult to process, will greatly increase your working efficiency, thus saving you costs in terms of labour, time and money

In addition, for special pipe and steel work, non-corrosive fillers are required to prevent chemical corrosion with the corresponding metal material during cutting/grinding. For such customers, we will customise the cutting and grinding tools to suit your needs. However, before we can customise the perfect abrasive tool for you, we want to understand the power of your machine, the material to be process, the size and shape of the workpiece and the cutting requirements you wish to achieve. Our goal has always been to provide the most efficient and cost-effective products for Energy & Pipe engineering.


Before choosing the right product, please contact our professional sales staff and tell them your requirements, which can include

(1) Whether the material to be cut is alloy steel or stainless steel: we have the appropriate abrasive discs specifically for these two materials

(2) The power of your machine: depending on the power of the machine, different levels and properties of abrasive discs are used

(3) The size and shape of your workpiece: the structure and hardness of the abrasive discs can be improved and adjusted according to the size and shape of the workpiece

(4) Your cutting habits: e.g. the need to use 3mm cut-offs with some regrinding

(5) Your required results: e.g. the use of iron-free, fluorine-free, sulphur-free fillers, or the corresponding grinding accuracy

If you are only working quickly or do not want to make a special order, then the fastest and most efficient solution is to use WINONE general level fast stock removal type